Past Games

Oh, Noes! You and some of your friends where exploring and got trapped in Crazy old man Kirkpatrick’s Dilapidated bunker. The door slammed shut and locked you in.
You defend your home network which consists of 4 rings and 6 sectors. If the intrusions bypass the home network (the player’s base) it is game over.
Epicly deliver E-Mail in Epic Awesome Ways of the Internet.
An endless boss game. How do you kill the slime now? Shoot it? Stab it? Jump on it? What do we do now?!
Saga of the Dragon's Horde is a fast-paced strategy card game of trading factions and shifting alliances.
Mankind's eternal quest is to move ever forward. In the year 20XX science was on the verge of conquering physical ailment. The limits of micro-processing has been reached and exceeded. It was the age of nano machines. On the eve of the first remote mission into the body one human was on a misguided quest of her own. The quest for an even bigger high. One man nano-ship accidently winds up inside the body of drug user and your mission is to destroy the drugs, viruses, and all ailments in her system.
Mobius is a simple platformer, in which the the player's character (a centaur) is stuck in a mobius strip, and must work to save the world from an Oroborous.
You are a Dodo Bird trying to escape the world that is breaking apart around you. Levels need to be completed before they fall apart and as you progress through the game, the game itself starts to "devolve" and become more basic. Try and escape before the game crashes!