Past Games

A little visual and audio thing. Not really a game, but we had fun making the visuals and sound! Just walk though and look around!
Cubo is a game where you tell cubos to save you from angry flying triangles by repairing buildings and constructing/repairing turrets.
Top down adventure, play as a skeleton who woke up in the underworld and is just trying to go home.
First person movement speedrunning challenge with a dynamic environment. Race for faster times and learn to understand the cycles of the environment. Press P to skip tutorial.
You find yourself aboard a creaky steel battleship, performing your nightly task of turning the four valves present in the ship's lower decks.
You awaken on an abandoned spaceship with an unclear objective. Exploring the ship and discovering its dark secrets will be key to your success.
An adventure game set in a dark log cabin in the middle of the woods.