Past Games

Control the tilters using the key pairs: "QW", "OP", "ZX", "NM", "GH". Green zones are good, grey zones are bad. Get through all the levels!
Build the best doggo society you can
Your job as a switchboard operator is to connect callers to callees. Do that to earn points. Listen to some funky beats along the way.
Joffrey the Robot Butler is the loyal servant of the lamentable Dursley family. They are the laziest, most self-absorbed family in all of creation, but care for them he must.
You play as one of up to 4 Samurai whom are trying to become the ultimate Kabuki master. Use your Ninjas and Sumo Wrestlers to out-wit and out-position your opponents.
The body needs its oxygen. As DudeCell you'll need to make your oxygen deliveries... FAST! Be sure you 1) Reach the goal. 2) Avoid the traps. 3) Use closing valves for a speed boost.
Ro Cham Beau Unlimited is a game where you get to fight as the different types of objects in Ro Cham Beau. Switch between Rock, Paper and Scissors to gain an advantage against the other types!
You are an alien. Earth bunnies won't stop multiplying. That's annoying. Kill them by throwing asteroids at them!