Past Games

You are the ruler of a young kingdom and your advisors warn you that the worst winter in a century is poised to hit your kingdom in a number of years.
Multiplayer card based dungeon crawler. Choose your race and class, then join a team of ragtag amateur dungeoneers as you crawl your way through a winding labyrinth towards the big bad boss.
You're Curio the cat and you desperately need to keep yourself from dying from boredom. You need to keep overly stimulated with boxes, sparkles, and fire!
A game that seeks to answer not WHY.....but HOW. Play as a chicken trying to cross the road, jump over the cars and try to reach the other side as fast as you can!
Take on the roles of a snake and a cupcake in a kitchen where the ovens have gone insane.
In this top-down moral conundrum you are the last Predator fighting off waves of Baddies. Your Prey doesn't like the Baddies either and will shoot in concert with you. However, shooting and taking damage depletes your Energy. The only way to replenish Energy: EAT YOUR ALLIES! Choose when to consume your own slowly reproducing defenses and when to protect them! Fail, and both your species face EXTINCTION!
An evil army wants to blow up the storm clouds! The clouds are having none of that. Unleash the fury of nature on your foes. UMBC People's Choice 2010