Past Games

A cooperative maze game in which the two players have different perceptions. The trap finder can see and avoid traps in the maze, while the key holder can find the keys to deactivate the traps.
Heart of the Hive is the premiere bee management simulation game coming to an internet near you! Players choose which fields to pollinate and which ones to avoid. The poor unwitting farmer is dependent on you to get his crops grown, but sometimes he doesn't realize what he's doing. Try and pollinate as much as you can, but avoid crops with pesticides, mites, or other infections. Bees can become sick if they visit bad plants, its your job to keep them from coming back and disrupting the rest of the hive. At the same time, make sure your honey reserves hold out! Heart of the Hive is designed to teach players about different threats to honey bees around the world. Since 2007, the USA has seen a loss of 30% of it's bee hives each year. The causes of this problem appear to be varied, but the symptoms have come to be known as Colony Collapse Disorder.