Past Games

Anna inherited a house from her deceased family which wants to sell to get out of this cursed town. Something weird inhabits the house which will make her decision easier said than done.
Rock your neighbours with Metal! \m/ Avoid thrown objects and rock them with your metal soul waves and score points. An infinite runner full of Thrash music! Roooooock Ooooon!
Welcome to our GGJ page! This year we created Coven. Coven is a multiplayer digital card game with a drafting mechanism.
Mystic Match is a multiplayer, fast paced game based on building construction and the fight between the players is done with the help of units spawned by those buildings (Age of empire-ish, Tower defe
Return of the Drodi is a 2D sidescroller shooter in an auto generated world. You fight drodis for like... forever, for as long as you can survive. They're coming for you, what do you do?