Past Games

Create the requested Rubber Monsters before your bath time ends!
A journey through a kid's imagination. Don't let the fantasy fade into the real world.
Impeça que o vírus zumbi se espalhe. Mantenha o controle sobre a doença colocando os doentes na sala de tratamento.
The game is about Andala, a girl cursed by a tremendous power that is out of control. Complete the levels without letting her power destroy her.
A war veteran returns home and find himself lost in the nothingness. Used to follow orders he is now he is making his own rules. A platform shooter where you need to complete quests to earn money,
Experience the day to day life of a hunter in your routine and instincts, and admire the forest full of life around you.
Scarecrow Defender is a Tower Defense game where the player must defend its scarecrow-turrets from hordes of Evil Crows. The main gameplay feature is the need for swapping between the four turrets to perform an efficient defense. While using a single turret increases its pace, changing to another turret from a high-paced one takes a longer time. These mechanics make clear the game's purpose: quickly reacting to the whole scenario, instead of focusing in a piece of it.