Diego Abalde

Past Games

Fight demons between the physical and spiritual worlds. Depending on the world you are on, enemy attacks will or will not affect you, but the same will happen will your bullets...
¡Recupera tu pala y encuentra el tesoro, siguiendo una serie de pistas! ¡Crea tus propios mapas y reta a otros jugadores! ¡Juga niveles creados por otros jugadores!
Repair you memories to discover your past
You control a person who returns to his hometown after been forced to leave for a long time. With some vague memories, you try to build your past and return home.
Cooperative game for 2-3 players in which they need to solve puzzles controlling several characters simultaneously. Each player has access to a certain set of actions for each character.
The Tesla Escape is a skill-based puzzle game in which you have to guide a cute small bot ball to the exit door, just using magnets placed on each room corner.
Memory game based on traditional "Simon says" game. The player must watch and learn a sequence of actions from a man who suffers from an OCD, and then, repeat it correctly to keep him calm.