Past Games

VR Just Dance with Kawaii Metal. You are a dancer on a kawaii metal band with H. R. Giger's aesthetic. You have to follow the dance steps to win.
This is a game about being mayor of a city and being tasked with repairing the streets.
Competitive party game for 4 players. Four neighbors needs to finish their respective homes. Sadly the materials aviables for construction are not enough for everyone.
A Mechanical Swallow came from outer space to abduct as many humans as it can, but pigeons keeps getting in the way. Try to capture as many humans as you can while avoiding all the annoying pigeons.
You're a cat who want to get the fishes that ended up stranded on a beach after a storm, of course you don't like to get wet.
You have to collect the goats and the bones to perform a ritual while escaping from the clerics of the church. You can move using the arrow keys and Restart with the "R" key.
The president of a great software corporation will return to his company after three months of business trips. During his absence, many things seem to have changed.
Juego re flashero donde tenes que escapar de tu realidad(esposa, trabajo, etc) para lograr vivir en tu locura