Past Games

You are the hero working at a particularly nondescript and abstract canning factory. The facility has a large can of worms that has suddenly broken open. Now all the worms are lost in the facility!
You go around and repair the robots and they repair your dying spaceship. Memorize the blueprints and collect the parts. Be careful not to miss any key components!
Hoard From Hell is a game about finally overcoming a large challenge, defeating a great foe, and the long-awaited journey back home.
It's your beautiful new Crappe Car! The transmission's smoking! Quick! Drive it to the mechanic's! There's no way you're gonna pay to tow it!
SineOut is a arcade style block breaker inspired by games like Breakout. The catch is certain blocks change the path of the ball into a Sine wave making the player adapt to the change.
A mash-up of Cookie Clicker and Tower Defense -- perform rituals to defeat enemies and protect your growing cult!