Past Games

Match opposite blocks to build a tower. Drag blocks with opposite attributes from the sides of the table to the center.
A single person, out to build some relationships in the world during the corona. Endure the passage of time with friends and alone, and maintain your relationships while facing reality.
Help! the ceiling is cracked and about to fall apart! Save your ceiling before the roof falls on top of your head! Ready?
Explore the city and build the house of your dreams
A two player VR game where one guides the other Watch gameplay video at:
Babies are lost in the big Mediterranean sea. Help the whales to save them! Single & two players. Background inspired by Jaffa Port.
Help a little girl learn how to cook :)
You are a bus passenger, and a Terrorist enters the bus. What do you do now?
Grandma is waiting for you! Go give her a visit :) Beware of the Tacks, don't hit Bunnies, and have a good trip.
Click to the Heart Beat in order to Run away from the evil agents
2 Players. Eat your way through your opponent - and extriminate the other food.
Play with a friend, Check your memory.
The game simulates the life of the modern corporate employee that has to deal with ever increasing number of tasks from different impatient managers.