Past Games

Space Crash is a multiplayer game about 4 littles players fighting to catch some items to repair their own spaceship. They will fight until one of them repair the spaceship and escape. Use a con
​What home means to you? Is it where you share moments with your loved ones? Where fights end in hugs? Is it where you hang your hat? Where you poop easily?
Get on the shoes of a switchboard operator and connect all the incoming calls. Cooperative multiplayer game for 2 or 4 players.
Did you really thought that microwaves work with microwaves? Oh dear, you were wrong all this time. The true reason are FAIRIES!
"Be a scout, Timmy" is a game where Timmy is training to become the best scout in the world! Play 7 different minigames throught the forest, discovering your skills.

Hearty Games