Past Games

Drive your semi-manual, robotic housing contraption to survive and find a new place to live. Play with two, to make life easier.
The main point of Distracted is... being distracted. Before proceeding to the scene, the user receives just one key-word, in order to help him/her figure out how to pass the level.
A game about a shrimp and a crab separated on an underwater submarine, help get them off deck!
Young couple in hard day-by-day life.
"Rum, rum, rum. Who never try it, know nothing about heaven" - Ruk`the`Thuk - Smuggler King. Join us, brave warrior in the fight against Purple Deamons and try Your strenght on a cannon.
When Lord Hufflebottom dies and leaves huge inheritence, whole family comes to collect tresures of the mansion.
How many times you wished you were a half man half flying squirrel superhero in steampunk world? Many? I thought so! Now you have a unique chance to fulfill your dreams...
This story, as many stories do, starts with a mistake made out of curiosity. What would you do, if you found an ancient amulet glowing ominously in the Magical University's library?
There was an accident on our grassland for disabled sheeps. Our little fellows are scared and run. As a Time Shepherd You need to help them to reach safe place.