Past Games

A soft (mole) mole that ventures into the sewers fixing pipes!!
Lar é onde nos encontramos. Lar pode ser a casa que agente compartilha com a família ou mesmo o nosso carrinho velho que usamos de leito por algumas noites.
An alchemist creates during his experiments creates a new dimensions, so in order to fix the problem she'll need the help the her other self. Uma alquimista cria durante suas experiências nova
Irvyn perdeu seu amigo golfinho graças aos grandes níveis de poluição existentes no mar, revoltado com a situação ele resolve acabar com a poluição com seus próprios meios, equipado com a arma sônica
A platform game.
A top-down action game. Controls: Arrows or WADS: Move Space or X: Attack C: Change the direction without moving.
A VR multiplayer racing&shoot game using Beenoculus.
A researcher of magic is a in mission, but he ends up being caught in an ambush. After fleeing his life is transformed.
You are Astolfo, an old's guy who is running away from enemies real and imagined. Its difficulty lies in balancing your effort.
June are looking for your cat. You are June. You are labyrinth! Enemies are looking for you too.
An adventurer must follow his heart to find his beloved. NOTE: The game is incomplete.
Ouroboros and Meru are the divinities of the village of Zahan. Ouroboros is the great god of life, death e rebirth. Meru is the beautiful and mortal goddess, the goddess of Hope. Throught many years, the village was peaceful and plentiful. And the people worshipped for the divinities with joy and pleasure. With the worships, Meru could live for many years without the aid of Ouroboros.
The universe of Conflictus has always presented a endless war fought by majestic and opposite forces. From the left corner we have Light, represented by the angels and on the right corner, Darkness played by demons. They manipulate alchemy and magic to sustain their eternal reigns in universe. Many planets were destroyed by this war until remain only two of them. The light one, called Planet of Hope, counts on a legion of angels ready to spout their sacred attacks on the hordes of demons from Planet Hell, avid of casting fire on their enemies. Nevertheless, there is a prophecy hissed by two great and opposite serpents that the chosen one will come to put an end on this war. He or she will have to choose which side to join to decide which one shall triumph. Shall be the Light or shall be the Darkness? It's up to you! Answer it by playing it now!!