Past Games

Ever wondered what planes do at night? Groups of them fight their own nightmare and only if they group together they can beat the dark. Help them and wink - wink - wink - just ...
A fun train game for co-op play on tablets! Locomotive Breath is a multitouch tablet game which is playable in singleplayer or co-op mode. Aim of the game is to drive a steam locomotive by regulating the velocity and switching the rails to avoid collisions with moose standing around. The player is able to switch the rails with a finger-swipe up or down on the labeled rails. In case of a co-op game the second player is asked to shovel coals or release steam with the pipe to keep the pressure in the green field. Additionally, the steam pipe helps to chase away moose standing on your lane - but this only works with enough steam in the boiler! We chose the snow scenery with moose, because of the nordish problem with them standing on railway lanes, when there is too much snow.