Dave Tamayo

Past Games

Oh boo! A realtor is trying to sell the beloved house you've lived and died in. Spook the potential buyers out of the house by possessing objects around them before they decide to purchase it.
The Dark Souls of fart games. Based on a true story. XBox controller required for play. A rumble controller enhances the experience! Are you the ultimate Con Fartist?
Summary: Poopool is a local 2v2 player game where you each play as a kid in a pool. However, you four aren't alone in the pool. In it are rubber duckies, pool noodles, and best of all, poop!
A top-down, RTS style game in which your goal is to get as many baby turtles to the ocean as possible. When baby turtles hatch, they undoubtedly say "What do we do now?".