Dave McKee

Past Games

A town full of folks who need your help! Use your ability to swap between worlds of Light and Dark to discover what ails those around you!
We thought about making the game about repairing an AI on a Space Station that is malfunctioning and trying to kill you.
Katamari meets QWAP in this game about repairing yourself after falling apart.
A bat is stuck within a mansion and it is the player's job to help a bat get back to his home.
Input rhythms in ever changing patterns of rotating rings.
Trials of the Elements is about a young soldier who want to follow is father's footsteps of mastering Earth's Elements and become a Captain of the Earth's Elemental Secret Service. T
What happens when your greatest mentor loses his vision? What do you do now?
A little ball of lint wants to escape his fate of being trapped at the bottom of a ladies purse! His only way out is climbing up. However, what comes in doesn't easily find its way out.