Past Games

String of Life is a decision game where you play as the three Fates, also known as “Moirai”: Clotho ("spinner"), Lachesis ("allotter") and Atropos ("the unturnable").
Poor Bob had an unexpected landing during his trip across the cosmos.
You,a kintsugi expert,after entering a deep meditative state, end up at an unfamiliar place.
A little boy lives with his abusive parents,in a house that lacks all the properties that would make it feel like home.His only sanctuary is a small cardboard in the storeroom, which also serves as hi
Trapped in a dangerous cave with no visible exit,you discover it is filled with teleportation pads.
Meet Jimmy ,an average first-year student who finds himself awakening on a comfortable bed at a house he has never seen before. Meet Walter,the ghost haunting that creepy house. A ritual needs to ta
At the dawn of the 26th century, an explorer of cyberspace discovers artificial life forms. After obsessing over them for decades, his body has given out, and only his digital consciousness remains.
:: Duality won First place in Global Game Jam Athens 2014 :: A 2D platformer-puzzle game, with minimalistic artstyle about our inner conflicts. 2 worlds, 2 characters, 2 finish lines.
How much do you know about the Solar System? Can you bring it back to life? CPR is an Educational Puzzle-Platformer where you roam the dead planets of our Solar System. Collect their missing elements and find their name in order to resurrect them.