Past Games

Your task is to get to the station before the sun burns you, collect resources and stay in the shade. The duality of the game is the light and dark side of the moon.
EN: You are a homeless dog freezing on a winter street in an ordinary Russian town. One day you meet a sad person who paid attention to you.
This game is about shattered memory because of disease. We have 3 levels with different style and dimensions which representante one men's brain. Playing this game we reconstructing his memory.
Мой дом - моя крепость! Пошаговая игра на двоих. Управление ядром W-A-S-D Между двумя соседствующими островами разразилась война, цель защитить свой дом.
The story begins a long time ago in the secret laboratory, where no simple man has ever set foot.
This game tells the story of a lost soul who wanders the floating islands. Our character must find a way to find peace. But not all so simple.