Danni Coy

Past Games

3 pirates have got their ship stranded on a reef they have just a few minutes to repair the ship before it sinks...
The gates of hell have opened and demons are overrunning the world. In this 2-player co-op card game, you and your life partner must work together to save what's most important to you.
A VR team game where your team navigates David's Disco Labyrinth. The labyrinth takes the form of a series of connected rooms, each with two doors. Each door takes you to a different room.
Get ready to ritual! Two teams of two warlocks face off to control the bridge, perform the rituals to summon powers to smite your Foe! 5 amazing Rituals raging demons rich spells Are you the ulti
What do we do now? We get awkward and become the bestest of friends. I don't know about you, but here at Death To All Humans Industries, we think that friendship is important.