Daniele Gravina

Past Games

RoboLazerz is a competitive strategic board game. The game is composed of a 5x5 board and a deck of 60 tiles. Each player starts with a hand of three tiles randomly drawn from the deck. The initial
This competitive storytelling game borrows from the mechanics of Dixit, using instead words as prompts for sentence formation and linguistic creativity. In every round, one player acts as the story
Build and repair the spaceship you are trapped on with other aliens.
"A haunted mansion is in need of an exorcism and only the combined powers of two local wizards can trap the spirits for removal.
Two players summon the spirit Anima and try to capture her within the pentagram. After 10 rounds, Anima escapes and the ritual is over.
Wait Mate! is a funny and addictive fast-paced cooperation game, similar to "Twitch Plays".
This story tell about Revo a Melanchonic Character who discover to be trapped out of is own game where he belongs. The gameplay experience is set in his Game's Menus.
An immersive experience about anorexia and bulimia nervosa.