Past Games

As a child in your neighborhood, you have taken it upon yourself to find and return the missing pets. Using missing posters found on lamp posts, collect the lost pets and return them to their owners.
Help a group of psychologically damaged hammerhead sharks (and their friends) by listening to their problems and finding objects that will help them feel better. Controls: WASD or arrow keys: move
You clean the windows of an apartment block. Controls A/D: Move Left and Right Left Click: Interact/Clean Right Click: Rotate Wiper Clean those windows. It isn't your job to look inside.
Avenge your wife, arrows to move and z to attack.
A team of divers seeks sunken treasure while avoiding the tentacle Kraken. Directional programming squad game with longer transmissions being more likely to fail.
This is a game where you the experience what a night out is like if you were the synapse in a person’s brain.
Summon weird creatures in your very own basement! Click to select a reagent, click to place it on the floor and press 'space' to start the ritual.
Back when the slightest insult to someone's honour could destroy their livelihood, the gentleman's duel was created as a way for someone to rectify the offense and demand satisfaction.
What will you do in this dire situation? How could you possibly survive? Do you need a cupcake?
4 players are in a cell captured by an evil overlord. In order for 2 people to be freed, you have to kill 2 other players.