Past Games

Play as a strong, independant Sourcerous Salmon swimming upstream, scavenging for food.
RPG where you are the village's most amazing and successful hero. You also happen to have a severe case of OCD.
Augmented reality card game where players play cards to give their beasts weapons and actions. To start the game, each player chooses their character and takes the associated deck.
Welcome to Clarence Mental Hospital, where it’s not only the patients that have some personality quirks and everyone’s been popping pills.
Mixed Martial Arts is different in Transylvania... It's the 257th Transylvanian Heavy Weight Mixed Monster Martial Arts Tournament and your star fighting monster has gone missing! You'll need to pop by the monster graveyard on the way to the arena, but time is running out. You have a heart to power your monster, but can you find the necessary pieces to construct the ultimate fighter and beat your rivals ? MMMA! pits players against each other as rival mad scientists trying to build the deadliest fighter. It's a mad scramble to find parts and assemble the beasts before they are thrown in the arena to duke it out, with the last monster standing taking all the glory!
The end of the world is upon the players! Using all the dirty tricks available to them, players attempt to outlive the other survivors.