Past Games

In SCAVENGER you take the role of a lonely space-engineer drifting through a Spaceship Graveyard in the heart of a Black Hole collecting resources from destroyed spaceships and debris.
A fast paced 4-couch-player battle arena in which you control a data virus that has to always be on motion to transmit electricity to itself, building up energy.
A personal and emotive adventure deep below water where is pitch black.
A game about survival. You are a lone person in a house, and something tells you that there are murderers trying to kill you, so you have to fight back and kill them all. Survival of the fittest...
Cole suddenly wakes up in a room he finds all-too-familiar, but can’t quite make out why. As he tries to advance, he finds himself moving forward and forward along places he seems to know and remember. As he goes on, will he discover the way out of that strange world, and more importantly, how he wound up there in the first place? An abstract puzzle story to play, enjoy, and look back upon one’s own life with… CONTROLS: Movement- Arrow keys Interaction- Z Restart- R (In some stages)

Hearty Games