Past Games

In the ruins of an inhabited planet we need to repair a space ship in order to return home, to do so we need to find the correct pattern for our ship's circuits in this tile-puzzle game.
Colorful little game about taking a place and making it your home.
En el futuro, nos ponemos en el rol de un almirante comandando una misión espacial desde la base.
Continuación de un juego que hicimos hace tres jams. Sidescroller de plataformas. Un jugador controla al personaje (A y D para correr, W para saltar).
Sacrificial Rituals, Giant Monsters and music. Playable in Argentron.
Nine musicians must sing on an unexpectedly dangerously wrecked stage. They sing and try to sound as good as they can while they help each other against falling lights, microphone feedback, etc.
Dos científicas, Alba y Kuri, han logrado abrir un portal a la dimensión cromática y, para no arriesgarse, enviaron a su robot doméstico Molt a través de umbral ¡Ayuda a Molt a dominar los colores y r
Shift and change the maze as you look for your heart and store it safely away before you run out of beats. For English speakers, use WASD to move around. SPACE to start and to turn the pieces of the maze.