Past Games

This game is a first-person stealth action, based on a hide-and-seek mechanic. It is a story, telling about a little girl, trying to escape her apartment, trying to avoid her abusive father. This g
It's all about the right foaming, try to get your cookie ship or marshmallow raft to the right Island(cookie/marshmallow island) with your frother. The fight in your mug begins and watch out for
Life is full of rituals, getting up in the morning, falling asleep in the evening, eating, drinking, going to work and so on. In our game you control the growth of a little village by playing some tu
Escape together before time runs out! Four prisoners must work together to exit the map, but how do you coordinate when you can't see much?
Try to push the button as many times as you can while avoiding your shadows.
The player has to avoid barriers and obstacles by navigating a blinking firefly through fully dark caves. If the firefly´s distance towards obstacles is too small, a HEARTBEAT sound will play until the distance gets to a less critical level. Glowing Flowers illuminate certain terrains in a small radius around them. The goal of each level is to reach all flowers. By collecting all flowers, the player unlocks new areas he/ she can explore. Not only the level barriers but also lurking enemies like spiders and bats are hiding in the dark.