Past Games

A 2vs2 online twin-stick brawler where vampiric versions of characters from all over the public domain come together to fight in a tournament that will decide Count Dracula's successor, Nosfera-2
Qix Awakening is a new look at the classic 1981 puzzle video game Qix reimagined with the Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening art style ❤️ Move on the borders of the level and if you are brave en
Chonky Tonks is an autobattler game about repairing fat tanks that keep on shooting at each other.
Who doesn't like doing house chores? No-one! Especially if your family is getting in your way! Get annoyed enough and shoot the heck out of them!
A VR detective story inspired by greek noir culture
The story of a man shunned by society trying to belong by waving to people while their heads explode from anger.
Demon Summoning for Imbeciles is a local coordination multiplayer puzzle game for Windows. Two players are required to play.