Past Games

A platform game for 2 players where one destroys obstacles and the other repairs them. CONTROLS: Player1 --> Movement: Arrows Action: Right ctrl Player2 --> Movement: A, W, D Ac
What does home mean to a bacterium? Live adventures trough different bodies while you search for your ideal host body, and, unfortunately, infect them.
A metroidvania game where you lose life, ammo or skill everytime you open a door.
Tiki Brawl is a fast paced and frenetic multiplayer game where players must sacrifice each other to feed their god. Grab your friends and throw em to the sacrifice pit before they grab you. God&
We were out of good ideas for a new game with this years' theme, so we used the game from the last year (which was a fork of the GGJ12's game) and made it a brawl game.
The stronger you get, the more difficult it will become.
In a very near future, it will be you, alone, with a Light. If the light is extinguished, it will be the end.