Past Games

This is an exceedingly small game (the cold I was getting over prevented me from working with anyone else).
What's better than one head? Two heads, of course! Work together with a friend to control the Two-Headed Dinosaur.
This game is what you make of it.
You are Robot. Your mission: find kitten! Somewhere out there is a kitten. You can hear its heartbeat, so you must be close. Navigate through an indistinct world of garbage and brokenness left by a now-gone humanity to complete your quest. We created two different versions of this game, a 3D version in Unity (programmed by Naomi) and a 2D version in GameMaker (programmed by Carolyn). Graphics and messaging were created by Calvin and sound was created by Renzo. Hooray for our team! Although both versions share the same concept and most of the same sound and graphic assets, the features and behaviors are neither identical nor intended to be. Both versions of Robot Finds Kitten 2 were created with extensive use of audio cues and strong graphical contrast to make them as accessible as possible. The 3D version of Robot Finds Kitten provides signicantly better audio cues based upon distance and position. The 2D version of Robot Finds Kitten is completely playable without looking at the screen (and possibly a superior game that way.) This game is based on Leonard Richardson's 1997 DOS game "Robot Finds Kitten", but no source code, messaging, or assets from the original were used. To learn more about the original game, visit
A game about the cycle of life and death.