Past Games

Toss the deer in the ocean! Requires XBox controller to play.
A health virus is attacking the red blood cells, player plays as white blood cell.
It is the year 2030X, a biological testing facility in the US has exploded, and released an airborne virus, spreading worldwide. The heart requires adrenaline to function properly; if the heart rate becomes too slow, it is overcome by the virus and will begin to mutate the body. Any survivors now live in the subway, unable to go on the surface and get supplies in fear of the virus and the monsters who roam the land. You play the volunteer. You must collect enough supplies for the humans to go to the surface and take back the city. (PS, that means you’re infected now, sucks for you.)
It is Ragnarok. Thor must defeat the gigantic serpent Jormungandr before it crushes the planet.