Past Games

You have been put in charge of an SCP Containment Facility, Congratulations or I'm Sorry. Good news, you get to be there from the ground up as it is built! Bad news...
A game about leaving home for the first time - You wake up in the middle of the night, and in the morning you will leave your friends, family, and home behind for the first time.
You're a tech worker in an orbital monster analysis facility. After stirring awake from your daily nap in the storage closet, you walk outside to everything in disarray.
Vocally Driven Puzzle-Point and Click filled with clever dialogue, ridiculousness, general befuddlement, and lots and lots of mustaches.
Two players work together to generate waves, move the dinghy, and collect points. Use the left and right alt keys (or the A button on two gamepads) to make waves and jostle the dinghy.
SanDefense is a Tower Defense games that tasks players with defending a sand castle against waves of incoming sea creatures.