Past Games

PvP battle! Radio controlled robots on Mars battle it out with bombs and lasers! Watch out for signal lag and signal interception! Game Requires 2 gamepad controllers.
Quaver = quantum waver You are a... wait. None of this makes any sense. Aim your cat puke at the shoes. Hit the shoes and be transported to their location. LOOK! NEW SHOES TO PUKE ON!
I like pugs. Pug-pug's Bathtime Ritual is inspired by my interactions with pugs and this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsI9e4h-cKQ Avoid missing bottles for high score.
You see the world as you see yourself. Look in the mirror.
Escape the byte register by setting its value to the correct value for the Bit Reader. Don't delay or the Byte Refresh will fry you.