Past Games

Your castle is blown to pieces and the princess is defenceless!
Eye Sea is a beautiful game, made to help you calm down, relax, take a deep breath and find your inner peace. With the help of Tobii Eyetracker - The game is played using nothing but your eyes.
Welcome to our game "Train of thought!" You are Stuart's brain. Stuart's brain has allways found it somewhat... challenging...
A game about shouting, you need to connect two microphones to your computer "somehow". Adjust the volume settings for them and disable all other devices.
Have you ever been so sick and tired of your job that you just wanted to quit and try something completely different? Like being the input-device for a computer game about meditation?
What do you do when all you can see is your own 2D character? Well; your friend is able to see parts of the game world you find yourselves in, but it costs him ammunition, which you must find.