Cristian Rodríguez Vázquez

Past Games

Foxy Fight is a survival game. You are a fox in winter and you are feezing, but there's a torch in the map, a source of heat! You really want it for yourself.
You've end up in a parallel universe where the light is only propagated with the sound.
Super Pintxo es el héroe local. Amanece otro día en Guipuzkoa y se dirige a salvar a ciudadanos en peligro y a rescatar gatitos. Todo va bien...¿O no? Super Pintxo ya no quiere ser "Super".
Mother Kiwi just died, it's now your job to guide her babies to salvation. Draw their path out of their pit of doom.
Eyo is an empathic eyeswifter candoborian, from the planet Candobor. Guxano has stealed all the eyes from all candoborians, he wants to chase him and recover them.