Crimson Dragon

Past Games

Battle treacherous waves as you aim to make your fortune! Salvage as many crates as possible from the stormy sea and store them safely in your ships cargo bay. Do all this while maneuvering throug
You are the most important political figure in your country. Your job is a routine. A ritual you could say. Get a question!
Holey Cruise is a local co-op game on an old big ass boat that is about to sink. You are two sailors crusing the ocean when your rusty bucket of a ship is starting to break apart.
This game is about capitalism in a very known form. Women love shopping. Shopping is fun if you can "save" money with discounts. You play Bella Bonita on a mall in shopping heaven. Bella is very excited about shopping and getting discounts. Collect discounts and buy products with those discounts to save money. But beware, if you collect over 100% discounts for one shopping lane color Bella will get a high pulse. With her high pulse she will die on a heartattack if she buys a product. Fortunately, her pulse will lower itself over time. Try to save as much money as you can with the highest discounts. Compete with other Shopping Queens world-wide with the integrated high score list stored in the internet cloud.
To escape the eternal cirle of reincarnation a little fish is invoking buddhistic teachings to finally enter nirwana