Past Games

A menu-based first person story-driven post-apocalyptic resource management exploration video game
This game like the title is wacky. The game is an endless runner that incorporates waves as the platform that resembles hills for a monster truck rally during an apocalypse.
A cyberpunk rebellion co-op card game for 3 players.
You are a hero cursed with 3 split personalities, earth, fire, and water.
Heart Strings puts the player in the position of the most stressful and adrenaline-driven moments in life: asking out their crush. A dating simulator unlike any other, Heart Strings focuses on the anxiety and tension of young love, as the player builds up the courage (and reputation) to ask out their secret crush by doing them favors and gathering gifts to present to them. If you wait too long, you might miss your chance, but young love is fickle, and getting shot down is something your heart may not be able to take...