Past Games

One beaver must repair the broken hearts of their family after tragedy hits!
Plague storm is an asymmetrical siege game based on the Siege of Kaffa, during which the Monguls hurled plague-infested dead bodies over the city walls of their opponents. One player catapults dead
You are a pizza delivery person trying to deliver pizza to house party. Fight past the pizza hungry hoards to deliver the sweet pizza and earn all the money.
Back when the slightest insult to someone's honour could destroy their livelihood, the gentleman's duel was created as a way for someone to rectify the offense and demand satisfaction.
Super Massive Crate Dash is a massive multi-player local single button infinite runner game. In SMCD, people can join on the fly by pressing a button (any keyboard button).
Escape velocity is a high paced one button experimental game. Up to 10 players each get assigned a key on the keyboard which controls a moving arrow. The arrows move along a rail gaining speed while on the rail. By pressing the button the arrow is able to hop off of the rail onto another. Players gain points through colliding with each other, where the faster competitor wins. Players also gain points by floating between rails and successfully landing.
2.5D platform game built with Unity 3D.

Hearty Games