Past Games

Things seeking things seeking things.
Rogue mechanics have boarded a damaged space ship with one goal... fix it and get out!
A game of reflection! Bounce your signal to the goal in VR!
This is an interstellar defense game about shooting out sound waves in order to protect your planet.
Escape the wicked ritual before the summoning is complete! Use Up, Down, Left and Right to struggle free. The correct combination of movements will break your bonds, but if you make a mistake yo
An unfinished, broken experiment in emergent AI. Intended to be a complex interaction between AI characters, this game asks the question "What do we do now?" through a series of short eve
Goomba Lab is a puzzle game intended to teach scientific inquiry skills and critical thinking to middle school students (age 11-14). Goombas are creatures with behavioral traits that players must be able to identify through experimentation. Players are provided with a notepad to record their observations about Goomba interactions with game objects, and can place the objects to guide their goombas through levels of complex puzzles.
A game where you run through your own life on the EKG Machine.