Past Games

Bounce back Asteroids to kill your opponent while destroying the ones he is sending your way!
A lovely collection of heartfelt mini-games based around a character disposition to bread.
The game is a top down game where four players must break their selected items to win the game.
A 2.5D Platformer in which you take control of a small robot who uses his sword and shield to attack and shield bash enemies
A retro-style Strategy game in which players take control of a group of Games Jam workers and aims to lead them to victory. The player makes sure that the workers are following their heart and taking on their dream of developing a great video game as part of Global Games Jam. Players must make sure progress on the game is being made, while also managing the characters stats (Stress, Bladder, Hunger) so that they do not give in and die. The game holds a unique charm through its use of pixel art and 16-Bit colours, along with retro style music to give it a very unique and interesting feel. The game can be considered part 'The Sims' mixed in with strategy elements from games such as 'Theme Hospital'.