Past Games

You are already in the GAME! You are CHOOSEN. Try add as many participants as You can. Don't worry, they cannot remove themselfs, but beware...
We have long wanted to make a game in which the player plays the role of a counterfeiter - this jam turned out to be a great excuse. In the demo created during the jam, we show how the heroine found
Imagine that you are a mouse. In your own home, you still need to fight for the food and escape from intruders.
We are an upgradeable scrap bot trying to escape from the scrap yard. Other machines are remotely controlled by the scrap yard and we have to overcome them or stop the transmission.
Let the wave of freedom free you and your buddies from the prison. Make your secret plan spread and convince your companions to join you, but beware, the guards are not the ones you should introduc
Ritual Fever is a single player game with top-perspective view. Plot: You are send to the mysterious world - equivalent of hell.