Past Games

It's a battle of wits, and by wits we mean the wackiest weapons you can create! Battle against your friends in this arena brawler! (Don't ask us where the first game is)
This is a Narrative Based adventure game about helping people overcome their sadness.
Welcome to the Alchemist's Exam. Today you will be tested on your alchemical talent and ability to learn quickly and efficiently.
Crazy Aztaxi is a top-down sacrifice game in which you run over unsuspecting victims with your taxi in order to prevent them from bringing about the apocalypse.
In a world where casual conversation cannot be trusted.
A group of Magicians take away your sight of color. No one believes you. You are checked into an insane asylum.
A horror adventure platformer set in the mind fighting the persistence of your addiction.
Our game is based on the idea of the extinction of creativity as it pertains to musical singularity. Our main character starts as an independent musician, whom then gets a record label and eventually realizes that maybe signing to a contract was a horrific mistake.