Past Games

A graphic adventure game about a hidden message in a strange planet where anything may happen
Shared screen dynamic multiplayer game where you have to drop your enemies our of the platforms with sonic weapon.
Cuando llegas tarde al JAM pierdes más que tu playera conmemorativa. Enfréntate a los sabios del JAMING para evitar ser parte del ritual anual. ¡No pierdas tiempo!
En una época pasada, el hombre vivía en comunión con la naturaleza, era libre y estaba en paz con sus dioses.
Cast fire, water and plant spells and battle a friend on your tablet. Defend your nexus agaist enemy attacks. Instructions: The game must be played on a tablet or large phone screen.
Doppelgänger es un juego en donde deberás luchar contra ti mismo.
Survival shooter
A game where your perspective and perception is modified by strange floating crystals.
Join the main character in this self discovery trip. Solve the puzzles and fulfill your mission.
You are having a nightmare, in wich you are a walking eye that has to go through differents obstacles to wake up before the nightmare drives you insane. Somehow, you figure out that you can watch t
As a hitman for the Blind Mafia, your work is to kill your targets, identifying them by their heartbeats. Replacing the sigth of the sniper rifle for a powerful directional microphone, you are able to carry this difficult task. Or that is the plan at least. You get paid for well done jobs, and you get fined for your mistakes. You can buy add ons with your money but be careful. Mafia never forgets its debtors, not even the Blind Mafia.