Past Games

Duck wants some bread use joysticks on a game pad, see what happens ;)
Try not to get bummed out when your new house is falling apart
An eclectic collection of mini games where one player must transmit signals to another player via controller vibrations with the left and right triggers to help them solve puzzles - together!
Be a cool guy Summond from the depths to bring good times, walk with the beat to the music to make sick waves and party down. CONTROLS: (controller or Keyboard) move: Right joy stick (arrow keys
Rituals and not getting eaten by elder Gods
Take control of a team of cosmonauts battling to save their ailing ship. But who will get the credit? Fight to save your ship. Fight, for the glory of the motherland!
Dispatch derps! Side - scroller action game! Controls: Arrow Keys - Move X - Jump Z - Grab/Throw Block Z + Down Key - Grab/Drop block below