Colin A Witow

Past Games

Plant forests and populate the planet like a factory. Take over a dystopian abandoned city. Each tile has obstacles to overcome through different means.
You are a treasure hunter, exploring underwater terrain to find coins and maybe even a treasure chest. But don’t run out of oxygen!
This is the sort of super cool VR Occulus game, where you are replanting trees in Australia, repairing the environment.
This Virtual Reality experience takes the player to the devastation after the Australian wildfires (or at least our imaginings).
You play a goose trying to migrate home.
Diseases are trying to take over the world, doctors are trying to stop them. Choose a side in this struggle to save or destroy the world.
If you ever wanted to know what it was like to carry a plate of cookies to the table, with waves of hungry kids trying to steal one, this VR simulator is for you! Listen as they scuff their feet!
As a rite of passage to get into the Ancient Secret Society of L.U.C.A.T, one must perform the initiation ritual after waking up in a strange room. How will you escape?