Cody Claborn

Past Games

A game about the duality of how we remember events. Go around (WASD) and shake trees (space) to find words to fill out you memories. Complete you memories by reading the book (space).
Help brother and sister team, Brandon and Katie, find their lost dog, Sunny, by scouring their home town of Westbrook.
Your flower farm has been destroyed but you mysteriously received a package of new seeds.
Defend your home planet. Where are these meteors coming from. An out side source maybe? Use the arrow keys/wasd to move and the space bar to shoot. Get the mac download on the games website.
A hack and slash about getting your story through.
Dodge the rain drops and the waves they cause as they fall to the music. Use A/W to move and space to jump.
Han Wu is setting up for the yearly fireworks ritual when some thing goes terribly wrong and he is launched into space and abducted by aliens.
The captain is gone and now the crew members must run the ship in hostile waters. It is a five player android/pc requiring local multiplayer to keep the boat afloat.
After waking from an endless slumber you must ascend thousands of levels to get to the surface. Raise the undead as an image of your self to aid you in getting past your foes.
A unique minimalist puzzle game where you control two characters who mirror each other's movement. The catch is, each character can only see half of the level.