Past Games

A Mobile Game where you try to balance your daily obligations with your other life obligations. This game plays a little like mobile music games without being a rhythm game. To play: Keep your
You play a chicken who can project a bird soul to possess dangerous predators in the city. In order to defeat enemies, the chicken must possess its enemies in order to defeat enemies.
An Action Shoot-em-up platformer about bomb diffusion to the MAX!
You play as an adventurer out to save the land from evil cute monsters in various dungeons. However, you have a problem.
It's a simple game. JUST DON'T PRESS PLAY.
Embark on a quest with Eddy the Egg to explore uncharted territories and develop your skills.
A semi-personal take on feeling inferior and how it affects the way we think and act.
2d platformer. WASD or Arrow Keys to move, J and K or Z and X to make your heart beat. the faster your heart is beating the faster you can move, but be careful. if your heart beats too fast, or too slow, or you take too much damage, you die!