Past Games

Brett Bravery has slain the vile Lady Antagotha, and saved the kingdom. Too bad you’re Lady Antagotha. Now, get your revenge by haunting him in his own castle.
Captain Quasar and the brave crew of the Cosmic Zephyr search relentlessly through the depths of the Eldritch Sea, the darkest corners of the Stygian Void.
Saga of the Dragon's Horde is a fast-paced strategy card game of trading factions and shifting alliances.
You start as the small beat of a heart moving through emotion, collecting rhythms and adding to your song. If you don't, you'll fade away.
Mobius is a simple platformer, in which the the player's character (a centaur) is stuck in a mobius strip, and must work to save the world from an Oroborous.