Cleverton Zili

Past Games

Inverse is a puzzle game that presents different perspectives of light and dark. Both characters need to reach the target position to progress to a new level.
Infiltrate inside a secret base to retrieve the sacred relic of power.
Handy is a game where the player controls the character's hands to close holes in the wall and stop the water leak.
A Way Home is about finding your way to where you belong while visiting old memories to build your path to this place.
A furture town suffers from the lockdown of all information. The town, however, hungers for the information and requires someone to aid in this task.
Protect your astral self to make your connection to the universe. Meditation can not be interrupted, and the anguishes of the past will do anything to disturb the great master's concentration.
In this little game, inspired by the classic Pressure Cooker and more recent games such as Burger Island and Cake Mania, the player will be helping Cally, our voodoo expert, to deliver custom made rit
Two castaways find themselves alone on a desert island. Staying several days without eating, find a chicken and start a contest for the chicken.
Lucas is the only child of a typical family of Brazilian middle class, he is a very polite guy and that gets all the attention from his parents.