Past Games

A game about going shopping with zour significant other to create a nice home.
The board game about working together, when nothing makes sense. 3-5 player's. Coop game. One player is an admiral, the others are captains who try to take orders from him.
SnowStorm is a new kind of survival 2D-Pump'n'Run. Try to keep the heart pumping, but not too fast, or else it gets ... kind of bloody. The target of the game is to get the character to safety through controlling his heartbeat. A fast heartbeat lets the character run fast and jump high, while a slow heartbeat does the exact opposite. But be careful, you can die by either having a heart attack or blacking out when your bloodpressure is too low. Also be sure how much momentum you build up to be able to overcome the many challenging obstacles. Enjoy! Made by team π-rates.