Past Games

Travel through time and solve puzzles! You are an agent of Timely Repairs inc., a company that pledges to repair even the most complicated machinery. What's the secret?
A head-to-head mini game for two, where two cute characters are trying to build a house by recovering some objects dear to them. GOAL: First, move on the map in the action phase, shove your oppone
Bring human race to safety!
A spectacular clash of medieval cultures culminates on the sea! Two last man standing meet in an epic battle, where every wave counts! Who wins? The fat Viking or the Pirate Pig?
Shove your friends, and try and figure out the PIN to unlock the ancient shrine and summon the ancient god Quetzalcoatl. Local multiplayer game for 2-8 players.
a game about putting freedom into peoples heads, one bullet at a time \ created by vlambeers' jan willem nijman & rami ismail & ciro continisio & arvi teikari \ for the nordic game jam venue of the global game jam 2012
The game is an elegant simulation about population control strategies from two conflicting groups. Lots of fun and attention to social themes together! Never seen before!!
The Secret of Donkey High-hat is a strategy platformer. Take the role of the monkey, to guide her and the donkey out of the dangerous world inside the magician's trick hat!